AWS Chalice Workshop

Welcome to the AWS Chalice Workshop! This site contains various tutorials on how you can build serverless applications using AWS Chalice. To begin, please make sure your environment is set up correctly by following the Environment Setup tutorial. Then select one of the following tutorials to follow:

  • Todo Application: A serverless web application to manage Todo’s. This tutorial will walk through creating a serverless web API to create, update, get, and delete Todo’s, managing Todo’s in a database, adding authorization with JWT, and creating a full CI/CD pipeline for the application. AWS services covered include AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline.

  • Media Query Application: A serverless application for querying media files in an Amazon S3 bucket. This tutorial will walk through using AWS Lambda event sources to create an automated workflow that processes uploaded media files and stores the processed information in a database. It will also walk through how to create a web API to query the processed information in the database. AWS services covered include AWS Lambda, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon SNS.